It's Polymer Clay Adventure 2020!

  • Do you want a supportive community to help you practice art regularly while learning new techniques through step-by-step videos and PDFs?

  • Do you want to meet people who share your desire to get clay under your fingernails and introduce you to new ways of working?

  • Do you want to feel always inspired and FULL of ideas?

  • Do you wish you could take classes from top instructors from around the world... but the cost of travel to retreats and classrooms is too high or takes too long?

  • Do you want or need to stay home but still LOVE learning?

  • Do you want to stop falling down the rabbit hole of scrolling down YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, looking through a mix of random tutorials but not knowing where to start... or worse, NEVER getting started at all?

Grow + Learn + Discover


a year of

polymer clay +

mixed media

art making

Polymer Clay Adventure, or "PCA," is a year long guided course in polymer clay and mixed media art...
It's so much more than that!
Forget the feeling of
not knowing what to choose,
not knowing where to start,
not knowing what you really want to try!
You can do this all from the comfort of your home creation station!
You just need internet connection to download your files
(and then you can keep them forever!)

We've brought together 23 talented teachers, each offering a video course including PDF outlines, material lists, and beautiful inspirational photos. And EVERY SINGLE ONE is included when you join us for just $120 for the entire year!

*New this year: If you want just one class offered, you may purchase it for $37 during the month it is introduced. However- we find that most people enjoy the community aspect of joining us for the year and sampling as many of the classes as they wish!

We'll have new content, bonuses, classes, live events, creative challenges, giveaways, and updates every single month of 2020. We'll send you prompts to keep you active and gently push you out of your comfort zone. You'll discover styles, techniques, and ways of working that you may not have found otherwise- all structured to teach you step-by-step and increase your skills.


We'll invite you to create along with us all year long so your creative juices will be flowing with ideas.

We've been doing this for 6 years now- and we've been learning the whole time as well! 2020 promises to be the best year yet. Your creative journey is important to us, and we are hear to help you unleash your own creative voice!

We pride ourselves in the variety of content and quality of teachers and we know you'll love your Adventure.

Students are already making gorgeous progress in the first class!

Hosts & Instructors

Ilysa Ginsburg & Kira McCoy are your hosts for the year.

Cindi McGee is our Awesome Admin, and she is very involved in the community and goings-on as well!

Our Lineup of instructors for your classes and content, please visit their links to learn more about them!

Alena Becker
Aoife Smyth Murphy
Barbara McGuire

Cindi McGee
Cynthia Gougian
Denise Fitzsimmons
Helen Cruickshank
Jan Montarsi
Jessica Hager
Kathy McCurry
Lisa Renner
Melissa Terlizzi
Michele Jensen Hinchey
Mihaela Georgescu
Natalja Ivanková "PANARILI"
Pritesh Ananth
Sandra Pflug
Sandy Huntress
Sherri Thompson
Suzanne Ivester
Syndee Holt

Ilysa, Kira and Cindi will provide structure to our community and bonus content along the way!


Click arrows to see all the teachers and projects!

Join Now!

You can join PCA at any time during the year,

but why wait?

You can get started in our Facebook group with pre-retreat festivities, giveaways, and fun!


Meeting kindred spirits

Learning from talented teachers

No “picking  & Choosing” classes
All inclusive learn everything!


Download and Keep FOREVER

All your tools & supplies at hand
No working in cramped quarters

Room for all skill levels
Go at your own pace

So affordable anyone could attend
Sounds pretty cools doesn’t it?


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can join PCA 2020 at any time starting now. You can't buy it after 2020 is over, that's the deal.

We ask for your shipping address at purchase time in case you win a prize or giveaway, then we have it and we don't have to hunt you down to send it to you.

PCA begins on Jan 3rd, with the release of our first class. Until then, we will be having giveaways, challenges, and more in our Facebook group to get things started.

No- this year, you can't download ALL of PCA on the first day. We've heard lots of feedback about artistic overwhelm- so this year we are taking it back to our original roots and we'll be releasing new content, classes, and bonuses a couple times a month. We hope that will keep you engaged and learning, without making you feel like you are ever "left behind" in the course.

Yes- you could buy one class at a time, during the month it is released, for $37. Prices increase after that first month. But why? You can get ALL the classes for just $99 during prelaunch and $120 after January 14th, 2020. Most students say that after watching all the classes they learn something new, even if they don't make all of the projects included.

Yes, you can download everything included with each class, immediately when it is released. So if you want to take it to your off-grid summer house in the mountains or camping at the beach... have fun!

You will get emails about every 3 weeks during 2020 with a PDF full of things to look at and download, for the included class or bonus.

There's an APP you can use to read your PDFS and access your video links. You'll learn more about the free library app for your device when you get your welcome pack for PCA in your very first email.

This is a one-time charge, not a membership.

Yes, you can ask questions to your teacher for each class. The Facebook group is the best place to do this, but you can also start a support ticket. The info about support is also included in your Welcome Pack!

Yes- if we do live events or popup bonus classes, they are RECORDED so you never miss a thing.

Yes- you can buy PCA 2020 as a gift for someone else. Please email us after your purchase to arrange digital delivery for your gift.